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Here we will keep you up to date with what’s happening at the 4 in 3 the Mason Minniss Fund.

Goldie Books


We have some amazing friends down here at McLaren Vale we are so very lucky and thankful. The Jones family who are special friends of ours have a lovely caring daughter named Jessie, now this family has a Golden Labrador named ‘Goldie’ and most people in the Vale will see Goldie as she travels everywhere…

A Girls Night Amongst Butterflies


Our First fundraiser started with an idea from our friend Cathy, she was going to have a fashion parade for her clothing from her Charnelle Collection. As we spoke about the night the ideas grew, from a small fashion parade to a wonderful evening filled with Fashion, Dance, Raffles, Auctions, and over 300 women…

Rohan’s Nerf Gun Day


Our son Rohan decided he wanted to organise a fundraiser for his friends, so he planned a Nerf Gun Day. We were allowed to use the school hall, so we organised boxes from Grunnerts Cartons at Lonsdale and painted them up…