Goldie Books


Goldie Books

We have some amazing friends down here at McLaren Vale we are so very lucky and thankful.

The Jones family who are special friends of ours have a lovely caring daughter named Jessie, now this family has a Golden Labrador named ‘Goldie’ and most people in the Vale will see Goldie as she travels everywhere with them, she is the most beautiful 5th member of their family.

Jessie is very creative and started to write stories while the family was travelling as they go on many camping holidays, and Goldie almost always goes with them.

Jessie decided that she wanted her stories to be made into a book, she had illustrated each short story with a picture so you can see the adventures they were having.

Peta (Jessie’s mum) had the stories printed into her first book, and Jessie having such a kind heart decided that she wanted to help other children who aren’t able to go on holidays as much as them, so Jessie sells her ‘Goldie’ books for $10 and donates half ($5) to our fund to help comfort the children from the Paediatric Palliative Care Service.

Jessie wants’ to help make the children smile while they are staying in the Hospital.

We have ‘Goldie’ Books in the Masonette and in some of the Butterfly Baskets for the families.

Jessie is working on her 2nd edition of ‘GOLDIE’ and we can’t wait to read it.

Thank you Jessie Rae, you are a true inspiration and a little girl with a beautiful heart.