Our First Ever Blog


Our First Ever Blog

Welcome. As this is my first ever Blog I decided I wanted to thank some very special people, who always make me smile.

We couldn’t have imagined having such an amazing opportunity as we received last year as the 2013 Recipients of Big Picture - the ‘Give Back’ Initiative.

I was contacted by a friend of mine, an amazing mum who has gone through more than any mother should and I am pleased we found each other and are now friends. I met her when Mason visited a special needs school, she was there with her daughter and we have kept in touch ever since. Last year she messaged me and said I’m nominating you and your family fund for the ‘Give Back’ Initiative, I was touched and immediately went online and looked it up, as I hadn’t heard about it before.

A short time later I was contacted by Kerryn and asked to submit my story of what our fund stands for and how we could benefit from the gratis design service they were donating. So I wrote and submitted our story and honestly thought we wouldn’t be successful but why not give it a go, someone has to win.

A couple of months later I received a phone call from Kerryn, I was driving at the time with Rob and Rohan in the car and she said that they had decided that our fund was successful and that we were going to be the lucky recipient for 2013. WOW, I was stunned at the time as there were so many other funds/ charities and deserving people nominated. But we were the fund that they had chosen this year.

When meeting with the group from Quisk I was touched by their generosity and kindness, we shed tears as we met as they obviously wanted to hear of our journey and then it all began. After the first meeting in their office, it was off and running. These very special individuals who work as an inspiring team possess an amazing human side to their work, they care about the community around them and they are kind and truly want to make a difference.

Firstly our logo was refreshed to a lovely happy vibrant front to our fund, the first thing people see when they look us up. Then the processes of the web site started and whilst that was happening we now also have envelopes, letterhead stationery, emails addresses for our fund and now this ‘amazing’ website. People can look for us on the internet and actually find us, read about who we are and who we support and why we have chosen to support the Paediatric Palliative Care service at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital. Before all of this I was making up my own ‘letterheads’ which were not as professional looking and I was asking for help constantly from our friends who were more computer savy than myself.

We have been through so much and we are just a family like many others but we decided that we wanted to help comfort families who travel through a journey they never asked for. We don’t ask for anything in return just for them to know that there are many people who care about them and this amazing opportunity allows us to share more with whoever is interested in seeing what we do, and being able to thank those who support and donate to us, as this is extremely important to be able to acknowledge their support.

We will be showing updates from our fundraisers and will share, where we can what your money and support has done to help the families of the Paediatric Palliative care service. The absolutely Inspiring Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation staff, guide us and support us and we are happy to be part of the Family Funds of the Foundation.

To Kerryn, Jason, Nick, Sharna, Matt and Miriam thank you so much for caring xx